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The Death of Christ

Where is Paradise?

05.13.16 Topics: Heaven & Hell, The Death of Christ

We recently had asked of us a great question about Jesus as he’s being crucified. In Luke 23, he looks at the thief beside him and says, “You will be with me this day, in paradise.” Where is paradise? What is paradise? I think the Bible gives us a clear definition of what paradise is. … read more →


03.27.16 Topics: The Death of Christ

Happy Easter Resurrection Sunday to you this is a day that if we don’t celebrate no one else will and so we want to look at this today with 2 this passage word examine in John chapter 19 with some energy some excitement of what Christ has done and overcoming the grave and at the … read more →


03.20.16 Topics: The Death of Christ

[GOOGLE / INCOMPLETE] The series on the red letter days were studying leading up into Easter the particular events surrounding Christ’s death and the reason we’re calling it red letters is worth focusing specifically on the statements of Jesus that relates the Cross by the way 1011 year old you guys are just missed your … read more →


03.13.16 Topics: The Death of Christ

Uninvited Matthew chapter 27 to get a Bible with you this morning if not before you grab one in front of you Matthew chapter 27 were going to be and we are going to go into a new series starting this week as it relates to Easter just so you know if you like to … read more →