Where did God come from?

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This question is tricky because it assumes that all things come from somewhere. Therefore, God must have an origin. However, the Bible tells us that God created all things (Colossians 1:15-17) and understanding this truth helps us answer the question “where did God come from?”. After all, can God come from somewhere if there was no place before God from which to exist. Remember, He did create ALL things.

To exist, anything created needs at least one of the following: time space and/or matter. For example, a concept, thought, or idea needs time for the thought to originate. The existence of a physical creation requires a time from which to originate, space (dimension) from which to exist, and matter or material in order to be a substance.  In America, we use birth dates as our mark to celebrate life (although I belief life begins at conception). I was born in a hospital in Huntington, West Virginia just after midnight on September 9th, more than thirty years ago. Time, space, (dimension) and matter gave me an identifiable beginning. Therefore, I can answer the question “Where did I come from?”

However, with God these things aren’t so. Why? before God there was no time, space, or matter. He can’t have a point of origin. He is the causation of all things.  He is the eternal one.

When it comes to creation, nothing can exist without a cause and therefore there must be something that transcends everything. God is that transcendent cause. He created everything, therefore he is the origin of all things. It is a categorical mistake to ask the question where did God come from because God himself is not confined by the same restrictions of  created things. Creator is over Creation. He transcends creation because he is above and before it.

If we are asking the question where did God come from? We need to consider a few things. Does God fit into categories of creation? Does the question “Where did God come from” begin with a fallacy by assuming Creator would be defined like creation? How can eternal God have a beginning if before God there was no time, space or matter from which to derive?

Simply put, because he is eternal, he has no point of origin. He is the causation of everything. HE IS! Because he is the causation of everything it would even be correct to say I had my origin in my mother’s belly, or in a hospital in West Virginia, and/or ultimately in God.

As we ponder where did God come from, I find God’s answer in Exodus 3:14 most fitting. When Moses asked God for his name, God’s answered that he is the self-existent one. Literally He said, “I am therefore I am”. He had no place to begin but is the place of beginning.  He is not confined by creation but rather he is defining creation. God is the only being who finds the purpose for existing within himself, everything else finds its purpose for existing within God. He is the causation of all creation.

So in summary… Where did God come from? God is. He has no origin like all other created things because he is the origin of all things. Since God created, all creation can point to a place of beginning. However, God simply is. God is before time, God is before space, God is before matter (material or substance). He is the causation. There is no origin to God but there is origin from God. Where did God come from? Because he is the beginning, God had to first create the from, from which to come.