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Summer Events 2022

03.16.22 Topics:


Mother’s Day- May 8th

Ladies Brunch- May 14th 10am @ ABC

Last Day of Women’s Bible Study- May 23rd

Connection Groups End- May 27th

Men’s Breakfast- May 28th 8am @ ABC. Sign up here.


Lunch in the Park- June 5th 1pm @ Allred Park. BYOL

Father’s Day- June 19th

Lehi Round-Up- June 25th

Men’s Breakfast- June 25th 8am @ ABC

Vacation Bible School- June 29th-July 1st


Lunch in the Park- July 3rd @ Allred Park. BYOL

Grace Haven High School Camp- July 10th-15th

Grace Haven Elementary Camp- July 17th-20th

Grace Haven Middle School Camp- 24th-28th

Men’s Breakfast- July 23rd 8am @ ABC


Lunch in the Park- August 7th @ Allred Park. BYOL

Back to School Sunday- August 14th

Men’s Breakfast- August 27th 8am @ ABC

Baptism Sunday- August 28th