How Comparison Kills Contentment

Written By: Pastor Wayne Staker I think we would all agree that social media has had a major impact on our world. Some of the impact has been good: it has been a great way for folks to keep in touch with long lost friends; … Read more

You Are A “Classic”

You Are A Classic

What comes to mind when you think of the word “classic”? Classic movies? Classic books? Classic music? For me, it is classic cars. If I had a lot of money, I would love to spend some of it restoring classic cars. I’m talking cars from … Read more

Three Ways to Pray Effectively

If you like to read, you know that there are hundreds of books available on the subject of prayer. Books written by men and women who are a lot smarter than I am. So, you might be wondering, what can I say about prayer that … Read more

What Does It Mean To Be With Jesus?

The book of Acts gives us wonderful insights into the establishment of the church, and it contains many “firsts” in the Bible. In Acts, the church begins, it grows to include the Gentiles, and many points of doctrine and practices are established. Acts is full … Read more

How Do I Deal with Relationship Conflicts?

relationship conflict

Relationships. Too often we find ourselves struggling with the relationships in our lives. Struggling with relationships that used to be healthy, but something happened. Struggling with relationships that are important to us, but we can’t seem to keep them from conflict. Struggling to maintain relationships … Read more

Will the Real Church Leaders Please Stand Up?

church leadership

Leadership. Just saying the word out loud can make some people break into a cold sweat. But for believers, leadership is a fundamental characteristic of our Christian faith. Let me explain. Several of the staff at Alpine Bible Church recently finished studying a book called … Read more

Come and See: Timeless Evangelism

come and see evangelism

As believers, we are unique. That’s because God gives us multiple opportunities to serve Him each day as He leads us through His Holy Spirit. These opportunities can range from helping someone change a tire, to serving at church, to praying for someone, or just … Read more

Entering God’s Rest

entering God's rest

Our lives can be downright crazy at times, wouldn’t you agree? Maybe it’s work, home, marriage, kids, money, extended family, or even church! We can’t always pin it down to only one or two things, because life can just be crazy busy and often very … Read more

Show Compassion

You have probably heard, and maybe even said, that one of the key character traits of a Christian is compassion. And that is true. But do you know why it is true? To have compassion or be compassionate means to have a sympathetic understanding, particularly … Read more