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The Battle Between Forgiveness and Unforgiveness

06.17.19 Topics:

Written by: Nathaniel Wall Forgiveness has the power to heal, but unforgiveness is toxic to the soul. If you are reading this blog, it is likely because you recognize we wrestle with forgiving others. The idea of forgiveness being a struggle is reiterated by the volume of biblical passages that reminds us to strive in … read more →

Why Should Christians Fast?

05.02.19 Topics:

Written by: Nathaniel Wall What is the purpose of fasting? Maybe you are like me and the thought of “fasting” has both intrigued and bewildered you. We know the Bible talks about fasting, and scripture seems to indicate that fasting has spiritual benefit…. But how? How does fasting benefit my relationship with the Lord? Can … read more →

Entering God’s Rest

04.11.19 Topics:

Written by Wayne Staker Our lives can be downright crazy at times, wouldn’t you agree? Maybe it’s work, home, marriage, kids, money, extended family, or even church! We can’t always pin it down to only one or two things, because life can just be crazy busy and often very challenging. But, have you ever wondered … read more →

What Should a Christian Do When They Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything?

03.27.19 Topics: Christian Unity, Identity in Christ, Sanctification & Growth, Spiritual Gifts

Romans 12:8 tells Christians to “lead with diligence”. However, there are moments in life when doing anything, let alone leading with diligence, seems impractical or even impossible. There are days when I feel weak, powerless, and unable.   How can I “lead with diligence” when my diligence feels broken?   1. Simplify… Consider the context … read more →

Finding Jesus In Saint Patrick’s Day

03.16.19 Topics:

Saint Patrick’s Day is more than just a day to wear green and search for four leaf clovers. Did you know that Saint Patrick was a godly individual that was used by Jesus to leave a big impact on this world? Read below and see if God may use such a day as Saint Patrick’s … read more →

God Cares About The Condition Of Your Heart

03.14.19 Topics:

By Lincoln Huseby I believe I am not alone in feeling hurt, betrayed, or cheated by those I love. It’s one thing if a stranger or acquaintance takes advantage of you; but it’s an altogether different game, with a separate set of rules that apply, for those you care about most. More than likely, a … read more →

Your Neighbor Matters

03.06.19 Topics:

By Weston Schnetz Today we live in a culture that views relationships through the lens of social media, texting and awkward grocery store interactions. As believers, they should be more than this. Looking at the life of Jesus as an example, two words come to mind that can help direct us: Intentional and Relational.   … read more →

Show Compassion

02.26.19 Topics:

by Pastor Wayne Staker You have probably heard, and maybe even said, that one of the key character traits of a Christian is compassion. And that is true. But do you know why it is true? To have compassion or be compassionate means to have a sympathetic understanding, particularly toward the pain and misfortune of … read more →

Final Words From a Dear Friend (Mike Roe)

02.19.19 Topics:

On January 17th 2019, Dr. Michael Roe suddenly passed away and went to be with the Lord. Michael was a member of Alpine Bible Church in Lehi, UT. A little over a year ago Michael had temporarily moved to serve as an Optometrist among the Crow Nation in Montana and the Navajo Nation in Arizona. … read more →

Two Easy Steps For Every Jesus Follower

02.13.19 Topics:

Two Easy Steps For Every Jesus Follower Jesus uses his followers when they are willing to take two steps. These aren’t magic steps. They are powerful & simple, practical & impactful. These two steps make a difference.   The First step is to SPEND TIME WITH JESUS. I know this is a bit ridiculous but … read more →

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