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Come and See: Timeless Evangelism

02.27.20 Topics:

Written by: Wayne Staker As believers, we are unique. That’s because God gives us multiple opportunities to serve Him each day as He leads us through His Holy Spirit. These opportunities can range from helping someone change a tire, to serving at church, to praying for someone, or just hugging someone. When you think about … read more →

Connect Better to God With This One Truth

01.17.20 Topics:

Written by: Nathaniel Wall When you read the stories in the Bible, it is remarkable to see how the Lord worked through common individuals of the day. God used Abraham, an old man living in a pagan land. God used puny David, a shepherd boy and the runt in his family. God used Moses, a … read more →

Reading List for 2020

12.26.19 Topics:

By Nathaniel Wall Occasionally people get curious about what I am reading (in addition to my daily Bible reading). If you are interested in my 2020 reading plan, below you will find some of the books on my list according to the month I plan to complete it. These books fall under the following categories: … read more →

3 Steps to Discovering Your Calling

12.13.19 Topics:

Written by: Nathaniel Wall People often become anxious searching for a divine calling from God. Usually when a Christian wants to know their calling, they want to know the “specific calling” they have for serving the Lord. However, when “calling” is used in the New Testament, it almost always refers to a general calling on … read more →

The Erosion of Envy

11.22.19 Topics:

Written by: Lincoln Huseby I am no scientist, but I know that erosion occurs in many ways. Whether from glaciers growing or retreating, rain falling, wind billowing or waves crashing, land takes many blows from the elements of nature that collide and scrape against it. Through this process, which can take many years, our world … read more →

Apologetics for the Average Christian

11.08.19 Topics:

Written by: Nathaniel Wall One of the primary verses for encouraging us Christians to practice apologetics is 1 Peter 3:15 “…but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it … read more →

The First and Last Temples

11.01.19 Topics:

Written by: Nathaniel Wall Backstory on the Temple The Biblical Temple is the place God’s presence dwells. The Hebrew word for temple means “Sanctuary” or “God’s palace”. Another Old Testament phrase used for God presence was “Tabernacle”. Tabernacle means “dwelling place”. Shortly after Israel made the exodus out of Egypt under Moses, God directed Moses … read more →

What to Pray for: Looking at the Psalms

10.25.19 Topics:

Written by: Weston Schnetz Have you ever struggled with knowing what to pray for? Or maybe even wondering how to pray in the first place? Like any relationship, there are times when it can be hard to know what to say to God, which often leads to a long laundry list of wants or simply … read more →

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