To the Anxious Christian

christian anxiety

What is Anxiety? Anxiety was one of the most common mental health conditions before the COVID19 pandemic, and I can only imagine that it has exponentially increased over the last several weeks.  Because anxiety is so common, it gets talked about a lot.  Perhaps you … Read more

What Do We Do With Our Fear in Light of Coronavirus?

fear coronavirus

Written by: Darragh Schnetz The world is going a little crazy (okay, a lot crazy) and people are scared. I mean, when you hear words like “pandemic”, “emergency”, and “quarantine”, how can you not want to rush to Costco and buy every pop tart they … Read more

To Fear or Not to Fear

To fear or not to fear

Maybe you’ve heard (correctly, I might add) that the most repeated command in all of the Bible is to “fear not” –to take courage and have faith in the face of terror and humiliation. Stories such as Joshua and the people of Israel when facing … Read more