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Leah has been attending Alpine Bible Church since February 2019, when she arrived in Utah to attend Brigham Young University. Outside of her studies in Neuroscience and soon-to-be Athletic Training, she has spent her time at BYU working to increase interfaith and inter-worldview conversation and interaction on campus.

Leah believes that Jesus died as the perfect sacrifice for her sins and for the sins of the whole world (Mark 10:45), that if you accept His sacrifice you will be saved (John 3:16-17), and that when she stands before God, He will see Christ’s sinless life in place of her unworthy efforts in this life (Romans 3:10-31). By God’s grace, she strives to love the people around her with the love of God in Christ freely given to her. Part of this includes discussions and events that help people to understand different faith traditions, including her own.

BYU is a community of 99% Latter-day Saints. Within the 1% that are not Latter-day Saints, there are a variety of voices that are not often heard. Via her job with the University Chaplain at the BYU Office of Belonging, her work as the co-president of the Cross Seekers Christian Fellowship club, her position as a Student Fellow on the BYU Council for Interfaith Engagement, and through the production of her podcast, “The Nonmember Project”, Leah works alongside these students with the goal of allowing their perspectives to be shared to a larger audience. She also desires to see students of non-LDS faiths supported as they attend a school that does not share their beliefs.

In the past year, Leah organized an Interfaith Symposium titled “Who is Jesus?”, which garnered over 800 attendees from the BYU community, and included a Rabbi, an Imam, a Pastor, and an LDS professor. She also organized a Musical Worship Night featuring the Alpine Bible Church worship team, which was attended by approximately 150 BYU students, professors, and administrators. Each week, she planned and organized Bible studies for the Cross Seekers Christian Fellowship Club, which supports Christian students desiring to maintain their faith at BYU, as well as LDS students who are interested in studying the Bible with members of a different faith tradition. She loves encouraging others to learn more about Jesus, and to approach conversations about differences in faith and worldview with love and compassion, and without compromise to their beliefs – a hard but worthwhile line to walk.

All in all, Leah desires to see Jesus glorified in all that she does, at BYU and beyond. In order for her to continue her time at BYU, she needs funding to cover tuition and other living expenses. If you feel so led, she would appreciate your financial support and/or your prayers.

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