Kyampisi Childcare Ministries and Alpine Bible

A team from Alpine Bible Church will be going to Uganda in March 2023. Donating to this trip can help benefit victims of child sacrifice by supporting Kyampisi Childcare Ministries (KCM) and individuals working to combat the practice. KCM uses the funds to provide education and awareness campaigns, safe housing for at-risk children, and legal assistance for victims and their families.

We’re also going to provide practical help such as food, shelter, and medical care for children who have been rescued from child sacrifice.

Ways You Can Get Involved

Amazon Wish List

You can purchase items from our Amazon Wish List and have them shipped directly to yourself or the designated secure address associated with our Wish List.

Financial Donation

This will go towards purchasing playground equipment, laptop computers, farming projects to support 15 families and rehab kids, food for KCM staff and community, worship team outfits, and so much more.

Goal: $11,500