The Scandalous Grace Of God

02.21.21 Topics:

I’m going to invite you to John chapter 4. John chapter 4, and I want to say as a pastor, I come to passages in the Bible and I’ll often wonder sometimes. There’s a lot of chapters in Scripture, and I wonder, “In my lifetime, am I ever going to get the opportunity to teach … read more →

The Strength of Humble Faith

02.14.21 Topics:

I’m going to invite you to John chapter three together. John chapter three is where we are. John, if you’re new to the faith or you’ve been walking with Jesus for years, John is just one of those books, no matter where you are in your Christian faith, beautiful book to be in, especially if … read more →

Life Over Death

02.07.21 Topics:

You know that. That’s the theme of this chapter. But I want you to know if you’re unfamiliar with this section of scripture, that walking away from today, you should recognize this passage as not only just a popular place of scripture, but if you wrestle through this section and grab it, you really grab … read more →

Do Not Waver

01.31.21 Topics:

John chapter two, beautiful passage of scripture that we’ve been in together. I love John because two reasons, and you’re going to see this play out today. John, no matter where you are in your Christian journey, you pick up John and there is just powerful truth that happens in the book of John. And … read more →

Jesus Makes Wine

01.24.21 Topics:

I’m going to jump into John chapter two, and this is what I’m going to do for us this morning. John chapter two for me is kind of an odd story. I’ll be honest in Christianity, when I first read, for several years, reading John chapter two, the beginning of these first 11 verses, I … read more →

The Story of Us

01.17.21 Topics:

I’m going to invite you to the Gospel of John, chapter 1. We’re still in chapter 1 of the Gospel of John, and we’re laying an important foundation to this book. The Gospel of John is a powerful book in Scripture, very life-transforming for followers of Jesus, an important book to know. I’ve told you … read more →

The Way of Wisdom

01.10.21 Topics:

A short preface for today. We are going to be talking about wisdom. And I’m really excited to be sharing with you all about wisdom because it has been something that God has been showing me and been just on my mind and my heart constantly for probably the past six months. And specifically, in … read more →

The Child Jesus

01.03.21 Topics:

Turn to Luke 2. Luke has been a great book and we read it when we had our candlelight service, but it’s been a great book to help us understand more than any other gospel what went on in Jesus’s life when he was born. All the things that went on, there was so much … read more →

What Made John Great?

12.27.20 Topics:

I’m going to invite you to the book of John, is where we are going to be today. So the book of John, we’re going to pick up in verse 19. We’re in a new series together called Light the Dark, and we’re looking in the Gospel of John. It’s called Light the Dark because … read more →

Why Jesus?

12.20.20 Topics:

I’m going to invite you to the Gospel of John. We are going to be in the Gospel of John together. We’re in chapter one, we’re looking at the Gospel of John. We’re going to go through the Gospel of John together, but we’re initially just going a little, we’re going a little slower in … read more →