How the Lord Uses His Warriors to Bring Victory

11.29.20 Topics:

I want to jump into 2 Samuel, and I want you to know that the title of today in 2 Samuel 23, the Lord uses warriors to bring victory. The Lord uses warriors to bring victory, and one of the things I just loved in jumping into this text, this is an interesting text. As … read more →

Finding Self Control

11.22.20 Topics:

2 Samuel chapter 16 is where we are. And we’re going to look at a powerful passage that David, the way he chooses to respond in chapter 16 to me is one of those moments where I even got to question myself here and think, is this how I would respond? I mean, there’s such … read more →

Rising From Our Greatest Failures (part 3)

11.15.20 Topics:

Today, we’re in II Samuel 12. And you might be wondering, weren’t we there last week and the week before? And the answer is yes. Yes we were, but we’re going to jump into this. I’ll tell you a little bit why in just a moment, and I promise this is the last week or … read more →

Rising From Our Failures (part 2)

11.08.20 Topics:

Okay. So we’re going to look, an important passage of scripture today. I told you about Psalm 51, Genesis chapter 3. What makes this story so powerful, it is enriching to the soul and it helps us to learn how we can rise from our failures. You don’t have to remain a prisoner to your … read more →

Rising From Our Greatest Failures

11.01.20 Topics:

Let’s jump in today’s text. We’re going to be in 2 Samuel 11, a beautiful passage of scripture. One of the things I love about this, diving into God’s word together, we are a church that wants to make disciples that love Jesus and everyone else. And Jesus gave us the great commission, great commandment. … read more →

Fighting Loneliness

10.25.20 Topics:

2 Samuel 9 is where we are today. And our goal in this section of scripture… We’ve been in 1 and 2 Samuel together, and our goal in this portion of scripture has been to pursue the heart of God. And 1 Samuel 13:14, God makes that famous statement about David, that he’s a man … read more →

Great Grace

10.18.20 Topics:

Hey, I want to to invite you to open 2 Samuel chapter 7 today, and I want to look at a passage of scripture that … Here’s the irony. This is a very, very big passage in scripture. So you think of significant passages in the Bible ,2 Samuel 7 is one of those pinnacle … read more →

How to Become a Better Dancer

10.11.20 Topics:

Today, I’m excited to share with you a wonderful passage of scripture. We’re going to be in 2 Samuel, chapter six, we’re going through the book of 1 and 2 Samuel together and we’re in 2 Samuel, chapter six today. We’re going to talk about a significant section of scripture here. This is the section … read more →

Life-changing Mercy and Forgiveness

10.04.20 Topics:

All right this morning, we’ll be reading from 1 Samuel, Chapter 26, verses 2-12. So if you’d like to join me, please open your Bibles. Again, it’s 1 Samuel 26, 2-12. “So Saul arose and went down to the wilderness of Ziph with 3000 men of Israel to seek David in the wilderness of Ziph … read more →

The Wilderness

09.27.20 Topics:

Well, guys, we’re going to get a good hands-on lesson today because we’re going to spend some time talking about the wilderness, where David had to wander around. And a lot of the terrain where David wondered is similar to a lot of the terrain in Utah, and so when you turn your Bibles to … read more →