Not The What But The Who

05.02.21 Topics:

I want to invite you to John chapter 7. John 7 is where we’re going to be this morning. A beautiful section of scripture to encourage us in really pursuing after God. As I approach this text, if I kind of set up where I think Jesus is in this story is it relates to … read more →

The Significance of Feasts

04.25.21 Topics:

Turn in your Bible, if you will please, to John chapter seven. Last week, pastor was in John chapter six and he sort of left us in John chapter six with this challenge, and he said, “Why are you following Jesus?” Why are you following Jesus? Are you following Jesus because it’s easy and because … read more →

Eat Jesus

04.18.21 Topics:

I’m going invite you to John chapter six. John six is we’re going to be today. We’re in the middle of John six. John six is a rather long chapter. It’s one of the longer chapters of John. We’re going to deal with the section that makes it so long. What you’re going to see … read more →

Faith Through The Storm

04.11.21 Topics:

I’m going to invite you to John chapter six together. We’re going to be in John 6 this morning. As we dive into this text, I want to just set the tone for where this is going. This is a very powerful passage, but we’re only going to look at a few verses today. We’re … read more →

The Resurrection Matters

04.04.21 Topics:

For us today, together as a church, I’m so glad to see all of your faces because your presence here just pays recognition to the fact of what we know today means for God’s people. This is our day to celebrate, that if we don’t celebrate today, who will? But because of today, this is … read more →

Worship When You Struggle

03.28.21 Topics:

All right, here we go, pop quiz. We’re going to dive into today’s message, ready? Here’s a pop quiz for you. Out of all the miracles performed in the Bible, rather than… Other than, excuse me, other than the resurrection, what miracle is recorded in all four Gospels? Think about that for a minute. Out … read more →

Healthy Conflict

03.21.21 Topics:

I want to invite you to John chapter five if you’ve got a Bible with you. John chapter five is where we’re going to be together and we’re going to have an interesting discussion in John five. I struggled with the best way to title this section because of what’s happening with Jesus in this … read more →

Pick Up Your Mat and Walk

03.14.21 Topics:

We’re going to be in John chapter five this morning, with all that we’ll jump into this passage. John chapter five this morning. This section of scripture, I’ll just tell you, I’m being honest because when I approached this section of scripture, I had a hard time at first seeing okay, how does this relate … read more →

The Mission of the Church

03.07.21 Topics:

This morning is a special Sunday for us. We have a special guest with us today that I’m going to give an opportunity here in a minute to hear a little bit about a ministry that he leads. And if you haven’t had an opportunity to meet pastor Peter, he’ll be up on stage in … read more →

Cling To His Word

02.28.21 Topics:

I want to invite you guys to the book of John chapter four. That’s where we are today, book of John chapter four. As I think about this passage, let me just start it off this way. Have you ever been in one of those moments where you get a phone call and someone unexpectedly, … read more →