What Type of Kingdom Are You Building?

01.16.22 Topics:

I’m going to invite you to the Book of Esther. We’re going to start a new series today in the Book of Esther. The major theme of the Book of Esther is for such a time as this, and it’s, I think, a very fitting phrase for us to think of when we read the … read more →

Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness

01.09.22 Topics:

Today I have the privilege of continuing our incredibly erratic series that I’ve been doing on the 10 commandments. I think I’ve done this twice in the past year, and I’m really excited about going about it. I apologize for the complete just … I haven’t gone in order at all. I’ve been jumping around, … read more →

My Pursuit: 2022 and Beyond

01.02.22 Topics:

In Scripture today, we’re going to start a new series together in just a couple weeks, but today, I’m really going to follow a theme just to encourage you knowing that we’re in the New Year. On January 16th, we’re going to start through the book of Esther. And so if you’d like to be … read more →

Two Detours From Jesus

12.26.21 Topics:

John 21 is where we’re going to be together and this season since we’re in the gift giving season, I think I love where the end of this book goes because for us in a gift giving season, I think as a church, the greatest gift that we can give our community is a healthy … read more →

Jesus and My Regrets

12.19.21 Topics:

I’m going to invite you to John, chapter 21, where we’re going to be today. John 21, this is a beautiful section to the end of the Gospel of John. Next week, we will end the Gospel of John the day after Christmas. We’ll end the Gospel of John together, which I have really enjoyed … read more →

Thomas: Doubting to Driven

12.12.21 Topics:

I’m going to invite you to the Gospel of John. After something like that, no matter what we share at this point, it’s just going to be great. We’re going to be in the Gospel of John together, John 20. We’re at a section of scripture that’s pretty popular. It’s the doubting Thomas section of … read more →

The Resurrection

12.05.21 Topics:

I’m going to invite you to turn to John chapter 20 this morning, John chapter 20 is where we’re going to be together. And we’re going to talk about a very significant event, and I’m not going to waste a lot of time in the introduction here, because of how much we want to cover … read more →

Burial of Jesus

11.28.21 Topics:

I want to invite you to John chapter 19. We’ve been in John chapter 19, and we finished last week. To me, it was one of the greatest statements in all the Bible, “It is finished.” Right? What an incredible statement. It’s amazing to think that the work that Jesus Christ came to this earth … read more →

It Is Finished

11.21.21 Topics:

I’m going to invite you guys to John chapter 19. We’re going to be together, and I’m going to just be honest. I have spent the last part of this week at a conference in Atlanta. I was with several ministry leaders from all over the globe, just working together on how to help each … read more →

The Crown of Thorns

11.14.21 Topics:

John 19’s where we’re going to be today and we’re getting to the tail end of the story of John. There’s three chapters left in this book and if you’re familiar with the gospel of John, it’s written by the apostle John, sometimes I like to refer to him as Grandpa John, because he is … read more →