Let Go of “Good” for God

Discusses the importance of trusting God even when it involves letting go of what what we might think is “good” in our lives. It uses Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice Isaac as a central example, illustrating that true faith involves trusting God’s promises and being willing to surrender everything, even our greatest blessings.

Grandpa God

Discusses God’s judgment in relation to His love, using the example of Sodom and Gomorrah to illustrate that God’s judgment is a form of protection for the righteous. It emphasizes that understanding God’s judgment is crucial for believers, presenting it as an opportunity for protection rather than fear.

Tired of Losing!

Explores the concept of pursuing God’s purpose over personal contentment, emphasizing Abraham’s journey of faith. It discusses the pitfalls of settling for less than God’s intentions, using Cain’s aimless wanderings as a metaphor for living without purpose. The message encourages believers to engage deeply with God, reflecting on how Abraham prioritized his relationship with God despite potential inconveniences.

Struggling with God’s Will

Contrasts living by our will versus God’s will, using Abraham’s narrative as an example. It highlights the journey of faith, stressing the importance of walking with God rather than striving alone. Through Abraham’s experiences, the message reveals how yielding to God’s spirit brings fulfillment and aligns us with His purposes, contrasting with the emptiness of pursuing desires independently.

Friends That Bleed Together Stay Together

Discusses the deep bond between Abraham and God, emphasizing the significance of having a relationship with God. It highlights how friendships, especially one with God, can offer profound encouragement, validation, and support through life’s challenges.

Increasing our Faith in God

Explores Abraham’s journey of faith, highlighting the growth and challenges of his trust in God through various trials, including his move from Egypt to Canaan. It emphasizes repentance, worship, and a life devoted to God as essential for nurturing a deep faith.

Tested and Tempted

Discusses Abraham’s faith journey, including his trials and the difference between trials and temptations. It emphasizes that trials reveal where our faith truly lies, highlighting the importance of trusting in God’s plans despite challenges. Focuses on Abraham’s obedience and the lessons learned from facing and overcoming trials.