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Biblical Creation and the Theory of Evolution

05.07.15 Topics: Creation

Society today is teaching evolution as fact, even though it is a theory. Yet schools, universities, and mainstream websites teach and write articles every day with the assumption the universe is billions of years old. People who believe in Biblical creationism are made out to be Flat Earthers, made fun of, and ridiculed, and are … read more →

A Short 9/11 Reflection

09.11.12 Topics: Terrorism

Today is a day to reflect. A day to reflect on what matters most in life. Tragedy is a tool God uses to remind us to spend more time appreciating what makes life so beautiful. Just over a decade ago we witnessed a great tragedy when we experienced the lives of so many unexpectedly taken … read more →

A miracle inside the Dark Knight shooting

07.31.12 Topics: Prayer, Suffering, Terrorism

Below is an incredible article written by Brad Strait the pastor of a Church in Englewood, Colorado. He details the story of the miraculous survival of one Christian young lady who attended the Batman Premier Shooting. At Columbine, I have seen this before. But not up close. As a church pastor in Denver, I have … read more →