Old Testament Biblical Figures

God Uses Adversity

02.21.16 Topics: Old Testament Biblical Figures

Good morning I’m glad to see everyone here today and when I invite you to turn to the book of habakkuk chapter three as we conclude our series on this book together of you and wondering where her back again and never been in that book were just looking at the last 4 vs 50 … read more →

Finding Freedom

01.31.16 Topics: Justification, Old Testament Biblical Figures

{GOOGLE VERSION}   I hate that you’re wondering is that a book in the Bible did Matthew go back 5 books and you’ll find the book of habakkuk world series together back in Action before the Lord what makes this book unique is habakkuk the prophet prophets responsibility is to go before the people and … read more →

Haggai, part 2

08.09.15 Topics: Old Testament Biblical Figures

If you’re just picking up with us, and you’re wondering what this book is about, let me give a little bit of backdrop for us and show how this passage of scripture applies to our life. The title of this mornings message is, “What do I do when I’m You got a chapter to your … read more →