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Will I recognize loved ones in heaven?

05.27.16 Topics: Heaven & Hell

I want to answer a really important question that is near and dear to our hearts, especially depending on the season of life to you may be in. You may have lost someone recently and maybe you’ve even thought of the question, will I see them again or will I recognize them in eternity when … read more →

Where is Paradise?

05.13.16 Topics: Heaven & Hell, The Death of Christ

We recently had asked of us a great question about Jesus as he’s being crucified. In Luke 23, he looks at the thief beside him and says, “You will be with me this day, in paradise.” Where is paradise? What is paradise? I think the Bible gives us a clear definition of what paradise is. … read more →

How do I have a relationship with God?

04.27.16 Topics: Sonship (Adoption by God)

Just want to take some time, with you, to explain one of the most important questions that we could answer for you in your relationship with God and that’s just simply answer the question, how do you know you have a relationship with God? This is foundational for what life is all about. If God … read more →

Why do we believe in the Trinity?

04.06.16 Topics: The Trinity

As an evangelical Christian, Biblical Christians, born again Christians, whatever you want to call us, a lot of people are under the impression that we are required to believe in the Trinity because the Council of Nicea told us to, or something like that. That’s actually not why we believe in the Trinity. We believe it … read more →

Was God ever flesh?

03.24.16 Topics: The Person of Christ, The Trinity

Jesus became flesh, but what about God the Father? Was he ever flesh? The Bible tells us in John 4 that, “God is spirit.” And in Luke 24:39 it says, “That a spirit has no flesh and bone.” In fact, when it comes to the triune God, it tells us within the Bible that Jesus … read more →

Why should I read the Bible?

01.08.16 Topics: The Bible

If you are starting a relationship with God want to know him and grow in him more and experience him in life and you’re asking the question, “How can I find know him?” The answer is pretty easy for us and taking those initial steps as human beings. God made it clear. God has revealed … read more →