Silence and Solitude

08.27.21 Topics:

Written by: Nathaniel Wall COVID has created separation and isolation for many of us, and it has not been easy. After all, we are created by God for relationship. Some of us require more relational time than others, but all of us need healthy friendship as an important component to our development. However, it is … read more →

Summer Events at ABC 2021

05.05.21 Topics:

May: –Adult Bible Study– Wednesdays 6:30PM. 4-week class on evangelism in Utah starting May 5th. -Mother’s Day- May 9th. -Last Day of Youth Group at the church building- May 19th 6:30PM –Men’s Breakfast– May 22nd 8am @ ABC. June: -Lunch in the Park- Every Sunday in June. Everyone invited to bring their lunch for fellowship … read more →

Say Goodbye to Bitterness

02.25.21 Topics:

Written by: Nathaniel Wall Bitterness….We all wrestle with it, but it is toxic for our souls. Acts 8:23 says: “For I see that you are poisoned by bitterness.” AHHH!!! How can we avoid bitterness? Not only does the Bible tell us that bitterness is toxic, it also tells you and I to “get rid of it” (Ephesians … read more →

What Does It Mean To Be With Jesus?

01.15.21 Topics:

Written By: Wayne Staker The book of Acts gives us wonderful insights into the establishment of the church, and it contains many “firsts” in the Bible. In Acts, the church begins, it grows to include the Gentiles, and many points of doctrine and practices are established. Acts is full of verses and passages that help … read more →

How Do You Measure Your Blessings?

12.04.20 Topics:

Written by: Nathaniel Wall Some soul filling thoughts to consider this holiday season. If someone were to ask, “Are you blessed?”, you would likely start taking an inventory of the stuff you have: friends, family, fortune, food , fun. I know I likely would. After examining your material and immaterial possessions, you may find reason … read more →

Children’s Ministry Safety Procedures

10.15.20 Topics:

Our children’s ministry staff has been working diligently to prepare for a safe re-opening of our kid’s classes. We wanted to inform parents and guardians of the expectations we desire to maintain in our classrooms. Please read through the following safety guidelines and procedures and let us know if you have any questions or concerns. … read more →

Reopening Guidelines

10.14.20 Topics:

Updated 4.8.21 We recognize that this has been a season of many unknowns. It’s our heart’s desire to provide a safe place for you to worship and be encouraged by the truth of God’s word. Here are some general guidelines that ABC has committed to as a safeguard for our church family. General Guidelines for … read more →

Rethinking the Widow’s Mite

09.03.20 Topics:

Written by: Nathaniel Wall Like me, you are probably familiar with the story of the widow’s mite. If it seems a little fuzzy, let me remind you. A poor widow goes to the temple in Jerusalem and gives away the only money she has in an offering to the temple treasury. This story is found … read more →

How Do I Deal with Relationship Conflicts?

08.15.20 Topics:

Written by: Wayne Staker Relationships. Too often we find ourselves struggling with the relationships in our lives. Struggling with relationships that used to be healthy, but something happened. Struggling with relationships that are important to us, but we can’t seem to keep them from conflict. Struggling to maintain relationships that we know should honor God … read more →

Regarding 2020 Grace Haven Bible Camp

06.27.20 Topics:

Special Announcement Regarding 2020 Grace Haven Bible Camp The SITUATION: We regret to inform you that recent developments in the Covid-19 pandemic have caused us to make some last minute alterations to our camp plan this year. When we decided to move forward with camp we were not anticipating recent spikes in infections and the … read more →

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