What Do We Do With Our Fear in Light of Coronavirus?

03.25.20 Topics:

Written by: Darragh Schnetz The world is going a little crazy (okay, a lot crazy) and people are scared. I mean, when you hear words like “pandemic”, “emergency”, and “quarantine”, how can you not want to rush to Costco and buy every pop tart they have on the shelf? I feel you. We open our … read more →

COVID-19 ABC Update 3-18-20

03.18.20 Topics:

Help us help our community. Watch the video below for ideas on how you can provide relief to those impacted by the Corona Virus. Follow us on YouTube for mid-week podcasts by Nathaniel Wall and Wayne Staker, plus Refuge Youth Group video lessons by Lincoln Huseby. Click here to find us on YouTube and stay … read more →

Responding to the Coronavirus

03.12.20 Topics:

While we don’t claim to be perfect at dealing with pandemics, here is ABC’s current plan in response to the Coronavirus. Please give us grace and know our plan can change as the Coronavirus fluctuates. We will update you with changes through our Alpine Bible Church app, blog page, Facebook page, text, and email. As … read more →

Come and See: Timeless Evangelism

02.27.20 Topics:

Written by: Wayne Staker As believers, we are unique. That’s because God gives us multiple opportunities to serve Him each day as He leads us through His Holy Spirit. These opportunities can range from helping someone change a tire, to serving at church, to praying for someone, or just hugging someone. When you think about … read more →

Connect Better to God With This One Truth

01.17.20 Topics:

Written by: Nathaniel Wall When you read the stories in the Bible, it is remarkable to see how the Lord worked through common individuals of the day. God used Abraham, an old man living in a pagan land. God used puny David, a shepherd boy and the runt in his family. God used Moses, a … read more →

Reading List for 2020

12.26.19 Topics:

By Nathaniel Wall Occasionally people get curious about what I am reading (in addition to my daily Bible reading). If you are interested in my 2020 reading plan, below you will find some of the books on my list according to the month I plan to complete it. These books fall under the following categories: … read more →

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