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What We Are About

Preaching the Gospel

We teach from the Bible every youth group. During the lesson, we go through the scriptures and explain how the gospel is at the core of everything that we as followers of Christ are, are called to be, and place our hope.

Wanting Jesus to be Known

We want to communicate effectively, consistently, and biblically with what we say and how we treat one another. We strive to demonstrate the love of Christ and make Him known and glorified in our Youth group.

Calling Youth to Discipleship

We want to foster spiritual growth that leads youth to be more like Christ by encouraging them and calling them to become disciples transformed from the inside out.

Encouraging Fellowship

We know that every believer, and especially youth, need friendships that help their walk with Christ. We strive to make youth group a place where kids are supported to live for the Lord.

What We Do

Wednesday Night Youth Group

6:30-8:00 We have a snack, play a game, and then transition to worship and a lesson. After that, we disperse into small groups. Every student is placed in a small group where they will have a discipleship/small group leader who leads 4-8 kids. In these groups, they will talk about the lesson and review questions about what they learned. We also give the students time to share what is going on in their lives and pray with them in their small groups.

Leadership Group

The priority for Leadership Group is discipleship. This group meets roughly every other Sunday night. This group is reserved for high schoolers who are attending youth group regularly and are willing to do the homework assignments. We have discussions and study different topics such as Evangelism, Apologetics, Biblical Interpretation, and more.

Home Group

Here, we focus on building encouraging fellowship through different activities at the homes of various families. These activities are scheduled roughly every other Sunday Night.

Annual Events

  • Grace Haven Bible Summer Camp (July)
  • Revive Youth Retreat (February)
  • Service Projects (Varies)
  • Lock-In (May)

Lincoln Huseby

Lincoln is from Grand Rapids, Michigan. He loves the Lord and joined the Alpine Bible Church team in 2016. Lincoln graduated from Frontier School of the Bible in 2014.  Shortly after, he moved to Utah because he has a passion to reach our valley for Christ. He uses that desire to pour into the lives of our church family and especially the youth. He is married to his beautiful wife Kaitlyn who loves the Lord and works in elementary school administration. Lincoln’s hobbies include hiking, backpacking, history, and sports.

If you have further questions about Youth Group or what to expect, contact Youth Director, Lincoln Huseby: