God Desires to Hear From His People

07.05.15 Topics: Prayer

Reasserted new series together the next four weeks then that is on the screen for things I wish you you knew about God and comes from the upfront and in starting this first lesson together you think and plan some sort of trickery on your mind some Jedi mind tricks here because organ talk about … read more →

Does prayer change God’s mind?

12.31.14 Topics: Prayer, The Sovereignty of God

This is a question every believer should wrestle with at some point. Here is why: We know that the Bible tells us to pray (1 Thessalonians 5:17; 2 Chronicles 7:14). We also know that God is all-powerful, He does not change, and He has determined the events of history (Isaiah 46:9-10; Malachi 3:16). Therefore, when … read more →

You should stop Praying

05.14.13 Topics: Prayer

Have you ever asked yourself “Why do we need prayer?” Seriously!!! Should we stop? More importantly, Have you ever stopped and wondered what spurred you to ask: “Why do we need prayer?” Maybe even more shocking, have you ever considered that the answer is “you don’t need prayer”? I know it sounds blasphemous doesn’t it? After … read more →

A miracle inside the Dark Knight shooting

07.31.12 Topics: Prayer, Suffering, Terrorism

Below is an incredible article written by Brad Strait the pastor of a Church in Englewood, Colorado. He details the story of the miraculous survival of one Christian young lady who attended the Batman Premier Shooting. At Columbine, I have seen this before. But not up close. As a church pastor in Denver, I have … read more →