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Satan (or the Devil) is referred to in the Bible as the Accuser of God’s followers (Revelation 12:10). Even though Jesus has called you into a victorious and new life in him (2nd Cor 5:17; 1st John 4:4), our past and our faith can waiver. Satan wants nothing more than to render God’s followers as useless by filling our heads with lies like “You’re unworthy. You’re a terrible father. You’ll never be any better than this.”

I am guilty of allowing similar lies to affect me and I am sure they have affected you. The worst part is, the devil doesn’t necessarily speak in complete lies. He gives us half-truths with just enough reality to hit us between the eyes. After all The devil is the father of lies and if he can pervert truth in the slightest he can lead us away from experiencing a healthy relationship with God (John 4:24; 8:44). But here’s an easy way that you can overcome those conniving schemes: Finish the devil’s message.

It’s simple. The devil is only giving you half of the truth—give him the other half.

Yes, I am unworthy. I am absolutely nothing without Christ. But thankfully, He died so that I may become a new creation, void of you and full of the purpose that He has for my life.

No, I may not be a perfect father, but I am loved unconditionally by a perfect father who breathed the stars yet knows the number of hairs on my head. And He’s making me more like Him every day.

You’re right. On my own accord, I can’t do any better than this. But I am not doing this by myself—I serve the LORD, who is able to do immeasurably more than I could ask or imagine.

You don’t have to be Charles Spurgeon to preach the devil out of your life. The name of Jesus alone is enough to send your enemy running for the hills.

The devil will always try to show you the downside of your story. Make him pay. Show him who Jesus says you are.