Hebrews 12

Not Shaken

09.23.18 Topics:

Hebrews Chapter 12. Last week, I started this idea of this theme of being a little transparent in how God is working in our lives and I even said something to the effect of we try to just keep an open, transparent presentation here as a church. We try to do things intentionally. There’s no … read more →

What is Zion?

09.16.18 Topics:

Hebrews Chapter 12. I’m going to kind of set the tone for where this is going to go as we get in this passage, but today we’re going on a journey and we’re going to say this is not literal, so no exercise needed here. This is a truly metaphorically as it relates to our … read more →

Audience of One

09.09.18 Topics:

Hebrews chapter 12, let’s dive into this together. If you’ve been with us in this series, you know that we’re looking at the supremacy in Christ in all things, how it affects our life, to know God as he desires to make himself known in scripture. The book of Hebrews is a beautiful book and … read more →

The “D” Word

09.02.18 Topics:

Hebrews Chapter 12. I wanna set up the basis for where we’re going in the story and today we’re gonna talk about the ‘D’ word. I don’t want you to assume what that is yet until I tell you what that is. But it is a scary word. It’s a sobering word that I’ll describe … read more →

Running the Race

08.26.18 Topics:

We’re going to Hebrews 12, so I’m really going to just talk about two verses today. We’re going to keep this simple in its presentation regarding these two passages of Scripture, but in order to set this up I want you to know I love the Olympics. It only comes every four years, and those … read more →