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Tortured Soul

Explores the story of Louis Zamperini, as depicted in "Unbroken," to illustrate a tortured soul's journey from despair to redemption through God's grace. Highlighting the struggles with PTSD, depression, and anger post-war, it demonstrates how Zamperini found healing and forgiveness through a transformative encounter with God at a Billy Graham crusade.

Heavy Soul

Addresses the feeling of spiritual heaviness, exploring its causes and remedies through Biblical perspectives. It discusses the natural fluctuation of the human soul's condition, the importance of anchoring one's feelings in truth, and the significance of seeking a personal connection with God during times of spiritual burden.

Restless Soul

Explores the spiritual restlessness that can pervade our lives, urging believers to find peace and rest in Christ. Drawing from the Psalms, it delves into the human tendency to seek satisfaction outside of God, leading to a restless spirit. It highlights the importance of redirecting our souls towards God, emphasizing trust in Him through life's journey and the significance of being still to recognize God's sovereignty and find true rest in His presence.