Why do we believe in the Trinity?

Why do we believe in the Trinity?

As an evangelical Christian, Biblical Christians, born again Christians, whatever you want to call us, a lot of people are under the impression that we are required to believe in the Trinity because the Council of Nicea told us to, or something like that. That’s … Read more

Was God ever flesh?

Jesus became flesh, but what about God the Father? Was he ever flesh? The Bible tells us in John 4 that, “God is spirit.” And in Luke 24:39 it says, “That a spirit has no flesh and bone.” In fact, when it comes to the … Read more

Everything you want to know about the Trinity


Where in the world does this teaching of the Trinity come from? Is it biblical? Did someone make it up? Should you believe in it? In this post, we hope to take a few moments to show you what the Bible says about the Trinity. … Read more