I Plead the Ninth

I must admit that I am not sure what the ninth amendment says, but the 9th commandment from Exodus 20:16 reads like this: “You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.” When we read this in scripture, we often translate it as: “Do not lie”. … Read more

The Erosion of Envy

erosion of envy

I am no scientist, but I know that erosion occurs in many ways. Whether from glaciers growing or retreating, rain falling, wind billowing or waves crashing, land takes many blows from the elements of nature that collide and scrape against it. Through this process, which … Read more

To Fear or Not to Fear

To fear or not to fear

Maybe you’ve heard (correctly, I might add) that the most repeated command in all of the Bible is to “fear not” –to take courage and have faith in the face of terror and humiliation. Stories such as Joshua and the people of Israel when facing … Read more

God Cares About The Condition Of Your Heart

I believe I am not alone in feeling hurt, betrayed, or cheated by those I love. It’s one thing if a stranger or acquaintance takes advantage of you; but it’s an altogether different game, with a separate set of rules that apply, for those you … Read more