Family Feud, Part 2

04.24.16 Topics: Family

We’re going to be in 2 Corinthians 5. We are ending a series today on “Family” and this is an important week for us. It’s going to wrap everything up. Last week we dealt with a very difficult subject as it deals with relationship. Kinda answered the question, “What happens within me when I feel … read more →

Family Matters

04.03.16 Topics: Family

Welcome to Easter hangover, right? The Sunday after is always referred to as Easter hangover day, but I’m to invite you today to Ephesians 5, which is what we’re going to dive into. We starting a new series on “Family“. This topic of family, I know as soon as I say something related to family, … read more →

I want my Kids to be Happy

07.29.15 Topics: Family

I want my Kids to be Happy I believe parents want their kids to be happy and enjoy life to the fullest. I believe King Solomon wanted his son to be happy and experience life to its fullest. In fact this is why Solomon wrote Proverbs. He cared about his son’s well-being. Proverbs is a … read more →

Why I’m Happy When My Kids Fail

03.07.13 Topics: Children, Parenting

by Sammy Adebiyi Failure stinks. No one likes to feel like a mess-up and no one likes to disappoint the ones they love, especially dad. The other day my daughter made a series of bad decisions and I was happy when it happened. True story. I was genuinely happy when she messed up. I wasn’t happy … read more →

Successfully Handle Behavior Problems

07.12.12 Topics: Parenting

Below is an article written by Shana Schutte on how to successfully handle behavior problems. This article was recently published on the website of “Focus on the Family” which is a Christian marriage and family website that offers individuals, husbands, wives and parents biblical articles with godly counsel. This article particular article concludes by encouraging … read more →