Do You Need Comfort?

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Comfort, we all love it. The big question is, where should I find it? America is the land of the comfortable. We seek anything and everything that brings us comfort. Men have gone to great lengths just to design items that bring comfort. Don’t believe me, than answer this… Why does the bubble bath foot massager exist? Let’s be honest, at some point every family in America has probably purchase one and after two uses they placed it in a closet to never be used again. Why? Walking through the store they thought about comfort and the result was, they went home with a foot massager.

Why are we so driven to find comfort? I believe the reason is that we were created to enjoy comfort. The problem is we usually find it in all the wrong places. We work hard to purchase more luxury items life in order to have comfort. Don’t get me wrong, I think God wants us to enjoy what we have. However, some of us work so hard to find comfort that by the time we are done working we have no time to enjoy those comfortable things before we have to go to bed and start our busy day all over again. Why are we working so hard to fabricate a life of comfort? Some people are really good at faking like they have found a comfort life. We have even coined the term keeping up with the “Jones’s”. You know I bet if we ever met this illusive Jones family, they would tell us to stop running after them. Some People spend their entire lives looking for comfort and satisfaction, but never find it. Where is it? We think we can find comfort. In the end we discover that the places we thought would bring us comfort are only empty warehouses of stress.

Some people eventually may find comfort in life. Maybe life will go perfect for them. They possess everything they could ever want to be a little happier. They have so many worldly possessions that they will never want again on this earth. However, the problem is they don’t find comfort in the place God intended. No one will ever be rich enough to purchase all the things that will bring them eternal comfort, and no one will find eternal comfort in anything this world has to offer.

Jesus on the other hand knew real comfort. The comfort Jesus offers is available to everyone and for eternity. He said “come to me you who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.” Where did Jesus find this comfort? The answer is simple. The Holy Spirit is His Comforter (John 14:16-18,26) Perhaps our lives are so consumed with looking for a place to find comfort that we forgot to look for the person who brings comfort. The big question is, would you rather have something that makes you comfortable or the comforter that brings you peace in all things. I believe it makes sense to go to the source of comfort rather than a temporary item that produces it.

Quite honestly, compared to the rest of the world, I find America to be comfortable. Sometimes it gets so comfortable that it gets easy to forget that we need to discover our comfort in the Comforter not in the comfortable.

The truth is if you are not totally sold out for Jesus, You will never find an eternal satisfying comfort. You will be so busy pursuing stuff that you will not stop to enjoy real comfort in God, or you will find so much comfort in stuff that you will be content not to find solace in you Comforter (God). It is difficult for us to swallow obstacles in life when we realize we can’t control them. However, it lifts a tremendous burden off of our shoulders when we realize that even though we can’t control our circumstance, we know someone who can. The truth is once we realize we can’t control anything but Jesus does, it is at that point we begin growing in faith. God is looking over you with love.

Either way, God’s call us to give up on the comfortable, and turn to the Comforter. Abandon a life of stuff. Give up on getting comfortable on possessions, unless that possession is comfort in Christ through the Spirit. Live life extreme for Jesus. Take a step of faith. Give up on stuff you think is important and just depend on Him. This is the only Comfort in the entire world that is offered to everyone for eternity. It is the only comfort Guaranteed. If you haven’t found it, maybe it’s time to turn to Christ? I know it is hard to trust in Jesus when things seem tough, but He is really holding your life in His hand waiting to bring you the peace and comfort you need if you just trust Him. (Philippians 4:7; Colossians 3:15)