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 Psalm 1

As we begin the New Year, our Alpine Bible Church family is challenging each other to memorize 4 powerful bible verses each month.  These verses are intended to help equip us in matters of theological truth and biblical living. If you are up for the challenge, this weekly blog will present to us a verse of the week followed by a devotional thought on each verse. Psalm 1:1-2 is a great verse to kick off our challenge to memorize 48 Verses in 2016. Enjoy!




Psalm 1:1-2 How blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel of the wicked, Nor stand in the path of sinners, Nor sit in the seat of scoffers! But his delight is in the law of the Lord, And in His law he meditates day and night. (NASB)




Everyone loves music, especially when it has relatable lyrics, a good melody, and a catchy rhythm. In fact, music speaks to the soul. King David understood this better than anyone. David was a musician. This is likely why God inspired David, along with other authors, to compose the book of Psalms. The Books of Psalms is a poetic book of songs used to encourage worship by placing biblical truth to a catchy rhythm. David certainly wasn’t the first to sing a song in scripture. In fact, the Bible begins with poetry and a song. When Adam first met Eve, he sang a song to her (Genesis 2:23). I like to think of it as a rap song.


King David, author of over half of the psalms, knew that when one places biblical truth to the rhythm of music, we can more easily imbed those lyrics in our hearts. It is something our soul can cling to throughout our day. It is why the church still sings songs of biblical truth today during gatherings. Truth gives us hope, direction, instruction, correction, inspiration, and as Jesus said “it sets us free”. The book of Psalms is a wonderful book that encourages us in the Lord.


All of these thoughts provide a few reasons for the introduction to Psalms and the beginning of the first Psalm. David starts with this phrase: “Blessed is the man”. This is intended to perk our ears and get our intention. A Godly King, adored by many, is about to tell us how to be blessed. What is the secret? The people of Israel know David’s story. He was a little shepherd boy. People did not see a leader in David. In fact when God told Samuel to anoint David as future King, it seemed no one at the time thought it was believable (1 Samuel 16). If anyone knows what it takes to live a blessed life, it is David. A Shepherd turned King.


Next (vs.1) David wants us to consider what we are building into your life. I have yet to meet a person who is seeking to consciously ruin their life. A child doesn’t dream about living a life of failure. A life of ruin doesn’t happen overnight, nor does success. Allow your life to be shaped into what we should become. This is important! As people our hearts are designed to be led. We are naturally people that are created by God to worship. The only question is “what do you worship?”. The answer is seen by what you allow to shape your life. What you desire, you will become.


David is saying, if you want to be blessed, consider what is shaping your life. David says a blessed man does not #1 Walk in the counsel of the wicked, #2 Stand in the path of sinners, or #3 Sit in the seat of scoffers.


As God’s people we certainly want to love everyone and we certainly want to be in the world, but we don’t want to be of the world. The book of Psalms starts with a heart check. A place to examine our pursuit in life. A place to stop and ask “what does my heart truly long for?” If it is God, if it is truth, you should find yourself in places seeking it. Not just on Sunday, but in a quiet place on Monday Morning. You will seek it as your prepare to go to bed on Wednesday Night or with your family at Thursday dinner. If you align your heart with truth, your life will be blessed. Which is why David says “his delight is in the law of the Lord, And in His law he meditates day and night.”

In this opening verse God is reminding us of the importance of His Word, our hearts, and the Lord who desires to lead you.