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Regarding 2020 Grace Haven Bible Camp


We regret to inform you that recent developments in the Covid-19 pandemic have caused us to make some last minute alterations to our camp plan this year. When we decided to move forward with camp we were not anticipating recent spikes in infections and the subsequent conditions that would be created by that. We love our camp, but even more so we love our campers and our volunteers and do not want to put them or those around them in harm’s way unnecessarily. 


Grace Haven is a cooperative effort by multiple churches in multiple contexts and we strongly believe in maintaining loving unity and care for all involved in our camp ministry. With that in mind and considering the threat Covid-19 poses we have decided that we unfortunately will not be having either Middle School Camp or Elementary Camp this year. Presently we are planning on having High School Camp from July 5th-10th. If the Covid-19 threat response level is increased from yellow to orange before then, we will be postponing that camp until next year as well. Our 9th grade campers who were planning on attending Middle School Camp will still have the opportunity to go to High School Camp instead if they choose to. If you have questions regarding this change we invite you to contact your church leadership for more detail. 


We understand that this news will be disappointing to many of our campers and staff and because of that it was a very heavy decision to make. We know that many of our students have faced many unique challenges as a result of this year’s pandemic and this camp was something they, like us, were very much looking forward to as a retreat from our current circumstances. We also recognize the inconvenience caused by this alteration in plan for many families throughout our churches who organize their summers around our camp schedule. For this we sincerely apologize and our hope is that GOD has even greater blessings planned in this unforeseen change in course.

In regards to camp fees already paid, we will be refunding parents who’s campers are unable to attend due to cancelation. We ask for your grace and patience as we navigate that process but we will make it as expedient as possible.

Finally, we want to express that we are so thankful for the love and support GHBC receives from each of our churches and their members every year. Our hope is that as we navigate these difficult times together that it will merely build excitement and anticipation for all GOD will do in next year’s camp season.

May GOD bless and keep you,

The GHBC Pastoral Team.