1 John

1 John, Part 12

09.01.19 Topics:

First John, Chapter 5, we’re going to say goodbye to this Book today. I feel like it’s a great ending to our baptism services. We’ve studied the Book of John together. One of the things I’ve really enjoyed about John is we’ve looked at his story and how, at the end of his life, he’s … read more →

1 John, Part 11

08.25.19 Topics:

1 John chapter five, a great section of scripture. John, if you remember, we’ve highlighted, this 1 John 2:28, 1 John 4:17, John picks up on this theme in this book. Remember, he’s an old man. He’s near the end of his life. He wants to see Jesus’s people just continue to thrive in him. … read more →

1 John, Part 10

08.18.19 Topics:

First John Chapter 4. Last week was a good refresher for our lives. We ended last week with really saying, do nothing. It’s probably the only time you’ll come to church where we’ll say, “The way to apply this is to do nothing.” What we talked about last week is really the perfection of God’s … read more →

1 John, Part 9

08.11.19 Topics:

1 John 4. If I’m just being selfish, not even thinking about you, and I do love you by the way, but 1 John 4 has been a refresher to my soul. In fact, I would just go ahead and say that I think it’s probably been that way for us as a church, only … read more →

1 John, Part 8

08.04.19 Topics:

As we dive into the book of First John, I don’t want to rehash everything that John’s been about for us. We’ve studied the backdrop. I’ve mentioned the backdrop over and over as to why John’s doing what he’s doing, but I do want to begin this section where we’re going to begin in 1 … read more →

1 John, Part 7

07.21.19 Topics:

1 John chapter 3, these last couple verses, what you’re going to find out is this section of scripture is very sobering section of scripture. I want to approach really with as much clarity as Lord provides me to share with you because this section of scripture we’re going to look at today is really … read more →

1 John, Part 6

07.14.19 Topics:

1 John 3. I hope our hearts are ready to worship and to connect with the Lord in this passage of scripture. This was a very encouraging passage of scripture that I had the opportunity to study this week, as I got ready to share with you, reflecting on what John’s desire is for the … read more →

1 John, Part 5

07.07.19 Topics:

1 John 2 is where we’re going to be together. I’m looking forward to sinking my teeth into this section of scripture because this section, guys, I really want to be more interested in just articulating … I think clearly what this passage communicates for us, because this is the foundation to walking powerfully in … read more →

1 John, Part 4

06.30.19 Topics:

We’re going to jump into an interesting passage of scripture today in first John chapter two. This section of scripture is the kind of section whether you read, rather you watch real news or fake news, this is the kind of passage of scripture that those people that watch news all day like to come … read more →

1 John, Part 3

06.23.19 Topics:

We’re going to jump in the of 1 John and I want to start off in chapter one, because I think, just back up just a little bit so you remember the foundation of where we were as we dive into chapter two together. We’re not going to go all the through chapter two, we’re … read more →