How do I have a relationship with God?

How do I have a relationship with God?

Just want to take some time, with you, to explain one of the most important questions that we could answer for you in your relationship with God and that’s just simply answer the question, how do you know you have a relationship with God? This … Read more

Christ Set You Free

Discusses the importance of understanding the liberty found in Christ, as highlighted in Galatians. It emphasizes that Jesus has set believers free from the bondage of religious laws and works. Explains that the law was given to reveal human sinfulness and the need for a Savior, not to provide a means for achieving righteousness. Believers are encouraged to live in the freedom and grace offered by Christ’s sacrifice, recognizing that their acceptance by God is based on faith, not their own efforts.

Freedom in Faith

Emphasizes that Christ sets believers free from the constraints of religious laws, enabling a life of faith and spiritual growth. Paul contrasts living under the law with living in the freedom provided by Christ, explaining that true spiritual maturity comes from faith and the work of the Holy Spirit, not from human efforts. He encourages believers to embrace their freedom in Christ and rely on Him for both salvation and spiritual growth.