Genesis 12-13 – The Challenge Our Insecurities Bring

Genesis 12-13 - The Challenge Our Insecurities Bring

What’s great about Genesis is even though people continue again and again to fall flat on their face, it gives us hope because God doesn’t quit on us. He is consistent in his nature that while we continue to fall away from the Lord and reject him, God is faithful.

Genesis 11-12: How to Make a Great Name

Continuing our series on Genesis, in today’s message Pastor Nathaniel uncovers the problem, the hope, the opportunity and the promise revealed to us in Genesis 11 & 12. Here the story of tower of Babel concludes and we encounter God’s promise to Abraham and his response.

Abraham: The Life of Faith

Abraham: The Life of Faith

We examine the life of Abraham. Through his faithfulness to God, the entire world was blessed. Abraham was an ordinary man who ended up having an extraordinary impact by obeying God’s commands.

Tired of Losing!

Explores the concept of pursuing God’s purpose over personal contentment, emphasizing Abraham’s journey of faith. It discusses the pitfalls of settling for less than God’s intentions, using Cain’s aimless wanderings as a metaphor for living without purpose. The message encourages believers to engage deeply with God, reflecting on how Abraham prioritized his relationship with God despite potential inconveniences.

Increasing our Faith in God

Explores Abraham’s journey of faith, highlighting the growth and challenges of his trust in God through various trials, including his move from Egypt to Canaan. It emphasizes repentance, worship, and a life devoted to God as essential for nurturing a deep faith.

Tested and Tempted

Discusses Abraham’s faith journey, including his trials and the difference between trials and temptations. It emphasizes that trials reveal where our faith truly lies, highlighting the importance of trusting in God’s plans despite challenges. Focuses on Abraham’s obedience and the lessons learned from facing and overcoming trials.

Get Out of the Bathroom

Encourages stepping out of comfort zones to embrace God’s call, illustrating through Abraham’s story. It emphasizes leaving behind familiarity and trusting in God for a fulfilling life purpose, even if it means facing uncertainties or discomfort.