Hebrews 13

The Picture of Godly Leadership

10.14.18 Topics:

Hebrews 13 is where we are going to be. This is the last message that we’re going to go through together in the series of Hebrews. We’re going to start a new series called Planted in just a couple of weeks going through the book of Titus. We’re going to use this as an opportunity … read more →

Strengthening Your Faith

10.07.18 Topics:

Hebrews chapter thirteen. I’m going to keep this fairly simplistic in its presentation. Here’s my hope is that we’re going to talk about that at the end of Hebrews thirteen you’re going to see the author just starts sharing, peppering all kinds of thoughts on how to make the application to the book of Hebrews … read more →

Loving the Kingdom Mess

09.30.18 Topics:

Hebrews chapter 13. I want you to know this passage; I hope I can communicate this passage of Scripture as much as it has meant to me. This is one of those passages that, when you see the totality of the way Hebrews works itself together, and you get to this passage, there is a … read more →