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John 21

Why I’m Happy When My Kids Fail

03.07.13 Topics: Children, Parenting

by Sammy Adebiyi Failure stinks. No one likes to feel like a mess-up and no one likes to disappoint the ones they love, especially dad. The other day my daughter made a series of bad decisions and I was happy when it happened. True story. I was genuinely happy when she messed up. I wasn’t happy … read more →

Renew your passion for Jesus

10.19.11 Topics: Joy, The Person of Christ

Peter met Jesus by the Sea of Galilee while fishing. He and His extended family were fishermen. It was while fishing that Peter and His brother Andrew were told by Jesus to forsake the fishing industry and follow Him. Jesus explained that He had a plan for Peter and Andrew to fish for people. The … read more →