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Secure in Christ: Hope and Purpose

Emphasizes confidence in salvation through understanding the finished and ongoing work of Christ. It discusses the importance of a personal, relational faith over mere religious observance, stressing that true security in Christ comes from intimate, personal knowledge of Jesus and the transformation He brings into our lives.

Evil and Suffering

Explores the nature of evil and suffering, emphasizing that they result from human sin and the curse affecting all creation. It reassures believers that God is both sovereign and caring, having a plan for the redemption of all suffering and evil through Jesus Christ, who sympathizes and intercedes for us.


Explains baptism as a symbolic act of faith and not as a requirement for salvation. It distinguishes baptism from the gospel, emphasizing that salvation comes through Jesus Christ's death, burial, and resurrection, not through the act of baptism itself.


Discusses the nature of heaven as a place of eternal joy and fulfillment, emphasizing its beauty and perfection. It explores the biblical descriptions and assures believers of the glory and peace awaiting in heaven, far surpassing earthly understanding.