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The Core of Relationship

The Core of Relationship

I’m glad you’re here. If you’re visiting with us for the first time today, we are in a series together called “The Core.” We’re spending four weeks talking about what the core of our church family is about. And we’re really setting a target on ... Read more
The Core of Discipleship

The Core of Discipleship

If you’re joining us, I want to welcome you and I’m going to invite you to two chapters of the Bible we’re going look at as we go through this series together. We’re going to be in Genesis chapter two, the first book of the ... Read more
What's at your core?

What’s at your core?

Good morning. It’s good to see everybody this morning. I’m glad you found a seat. It looks like we’re getting a little full today, but I’m glad you’re here. And this is a wonderful series. If you’re new to our church family, to be a ... Read more