This Thing Called Love

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Surviving Conflict

Surviving Conflict

Auto Generated Transcript I’m going to invite you to turn to Mark chapter 15 I’m going to let you know we’re not going to stay there together. We’re going to bounce around a bit. Stay, or excuse me, not marketing. Matthew, I’m sorry, Matthew chapter ... Read more
Love Ain't About You

Love Ain’t About You

Auto Generated Transcript So I’m gonna turn you that. They’ll tell you to turn to Philippians chapter two as we go in. The second part of this series together entitled this thing called love and talking about relationships and relationships kind of sounds like a ... Read more
The Reason for Love

The Reason for Love

Auto Generated Transcript You got a Bible and invite you to John. Chapter 13 is where we’re going to beat today and we’re going to begin a new series today. So I’m glad you’re here with us as we study a series together on, on ... Read more