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Jesus Christ

The Apologetics of Jesus

05.15.16 Topics: The Deity of Christ

I’m going to invite you to the book of Colossians 2. This is we’re going to be today. Here’s my hope and prayer for us, as we’ve had opportunities to sing music in worship to the Lord, as we open up the text of God’s word, I pray our hearts continue in worship. Colossians 1 and 2, these portions of … read more →

Where is Paradise?

05.13.16 Topics: Heaven & Hell, The Death of Christ

We recently had asked of us a great question about Jesus as he’s being crucified. In Luke 23, he looks at the thief beside him and says, “You will be with me this day, in paradise.” Where is paradise? What is paradise? I think the Bible gives us a clear definition of what paradise is. … read more →

Was God ever flesh?

03.24.16 Topics: The Person of Christ, The Trinity

Jesus became flesh, but what about God the Father? Was he ever flesh? The Bible tells us in John 4 that, “God is spirit.” And in Luke 24:39 it says, “That a spirit has no flesh and bone.” In fact, when it comes to the triune God, it tells us within the Bible that Jesus … read more →

What does “Jesus Christ” mean?

12.23.15 Topics: The Person of Christ

What does the name “Jesus Christ” mean? Well, Mary didn’t just wake up and decide to name Jesus, “Jesus Christ.” The name by which we call him is actually a title that points to his identity and for the purpose in when he came. The name Jesus is in the Old Testament. It comes from … read more →