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Fear & Anxiety

Finish the Devils Message

03.07.12 Topics: Fear & Anxiety, Satan

Satan (or the Devil) is referred to in the Bible as the Accuser of God’s followers (Revelation 12:10). Even though Jesus has called you into a victorious and new life in him (2nd Cor 5:17; 1st John 4:4), our past and our faith can waiver. Satan wants nothing more than to render God’s followers as … read more →

Do You Need Comfort?

09.28.11 Topics: Fear & Anxiety, Hope

Comfort, we all love it. The big question is, where should I find it? America is the land of the comfortable. We seek anything and everything that brings us comfort. Men have gone to great lengths just to design items that bring comfort. Don’t believe me, than answer this… Why does the bubble bath foot … read more →