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Why should I read the Bible?

01.08.16 Topics: The Bible

If you are starting a relationship with God want to know him and grow in him more and experience him in life and you’re asking the question, “How can I find know him?” The answer is pretty easy for us and taking those initial steps as human beings. God made it clear. God has revealed … read more →

Is the Bible true?

10.21.15 Topics: Bible Translation & Interpretation, The Bible

How do you know the Bible is true? That is a great question, because it is the foundation from which you learn about the Lord. It’s important. And the Bible, when you think about it, is a pretty powerful resource. It remains the most printed book, the most translated book, and the most frequently read … read more →

Read the New Testament in a year

01.06.15 Topics: The Bible

Click Here if you want the download the PDF to read the New Testament in a year. The document will give you outline to read the New Testament in a year.

LENT: Read the New Testament in 40 days

02.13.13 Topics: The Bible

If I were to ask you what is the most important holiday, as a Christian what would you say? Some might suggest Christmas, however, for the early church the most important holiday was Easter. More accurately called, Resurrection day. It was the day Jesus overcame the grave. In fact, if you do research on Early … read more →

See the Big Picture

10.09.12 Topics: Inspiration & Inerrancy of the Bible, The Bible

It is possible to read the Bible and miss the theme of the Bible. In fact I would say we often make that mistake. Sometimes we read scripture stories as isolated events. True, thousands of stories do take place in the Bible, but they are not isolated events. The Bible has one main character and … read more →

Understanding Difficult Verses

10.05.11 Topics: The Bible, Tough Texts

Have you ever read a Bible verse and became worried about what it says? I know I have. Early on in my Christian life I began reading the Bible day and night. I started with the Gospels. Just a day or two into my reading I read Matthew 10:32-33. After reading this verse I became … read more →